Last Minute Halloween Costumes

If you're anything like me, you had big, grandiose plans for elaborate Halloween costumes you found on Pinterest and swore THIS was the year you were going to make it happen. And then all of a sudden it's the week before Halloween, and you've got nada costume in sight! Here are six cheap but adorable last minute Halloween costumes for everyone in the family. BABIES, TODDLERS, & LITTLE KIDS: FLIGHT OF FANCY Raid Bullseye's Playground at the front of Target, and you'll find adorable dark green wing & mask (dragon) and white wing + wand (angel/fairy) sets for $3. Add a solid black onesie/pajamas and do a little shortening of the strings, and you've got the cutest little baby dragon ever! Add a flower crown and tutu (also in Bullseye section) for the sweetest little fairy. BABIES, TODDLERS, & LITTLE KIDS: SKELETON JAMS Old Navy has glow-in-the-dark skeleton pajamas in black and pink from 6mos. to 6T. Grab some face paint from Target, Hobby Lobby, or Michaels, paint a quick skeleton face or sugar skull, and boom! You're done. CAN'T-GO-WRONG-CLASSIC FOR ALL AGES: BLACK CAT This one will work for any age! Grab a black cat foam mask from Michaels and a black feather boa (I found mine at Target in the Halloween section), plus black leggings and a long-sleeve black tee. Cut a small section of the boa off and hot glue on a safety pin or simply tuck a small portion into the top of leggings. Iconic. Easy. Adorable. OLDER GIRLS & MAMAS: WITCHY WOMAN Head back to Target's Bullseye's Playground and grab a witch's hat. Add a black dress and carry a plastic cauldron. Exciting? Not the most. Easy? Definitely. OLDER BOYS & DADS: UNDERCOVER SUPER HERO Have Dad throw on a suit and tie over this Superman tee. Add black frame glasses. Super Dad is ready for action! PUPS: FIDO THE FRIENDLY GHOST Want to get your pup involved? Take an old white pillow case, cut it open, add two holes for eyes and one for a furry nose, and BOO! Your pup's a ghost. Disclaimer: busy bébés is not affiliated with any of the companies/products linked or mentioned in this post. We do not earn any money for product purchases or advertisement. All opinions are our own.