Two personal missions bloom into a business idea.

"As an educator for over 10 years, I learned a lot about how children grow, learn and interact with others.  I've seen a rapid rise in the diagnosis of children with learning disabilities, such as ADHD, and felt I had to do something to help children growing up in a time when devices are everywhere you look.  After the stress of finding and organizing “busy” activities to keep my toddler entertained, I realized I could use my research and educational knowledge to make similar activities easily accessible to other children and parents. " - 


"No matter where I taught,  two issues remained the same - shortened attention spans and lack of creativity.  Like Julie, I noticed a reliance on screens to entertain young children and felt it had to be part of the problem.  Determined to do things differently with my own child, I quickly realized it was going to take a lot of time and effort to get it right.  After constantly borrowing from Julie's giant tote, I broke down and spent hours researching the latest in early childhood development and related activities.  I then ordered over $200 worth of supplies and created my first busy bag.  Feeling slightly crazy, but better prepared, we took it everywhere.  And it worked!  Knowing many moms out there are in the same boat, I wanted to find a more affordable way to bring them a little peace without all of the effort." -  

After many conversations and a few glasses of rosé, busy bébés was born. 

busy bébés
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