Winter Wonderland Sensory Bin

This is seriously the coolest fake snow, ever (no pun intended). Throw it together with some steals from all the Christmas sales going on, and you've got a Winter Wonderland sensory bin ready for hours of endless play. We brought this bin with us to 2 pop-up shops, and the kiddos (and parents) couldn't keep their hands out of it! Read on for details, shopping links, and more.

I was recently talking to my 3 year-old daughter about how close Christmas was (yikes!!), and she couldn't help piping in with all she knew on the topic. Like how Santa would come to deliver presents, and it would snow, and we'd go ice skating. Ummm, no child. We live in the South. It never snows here, and I can only remember one Christmas in almost 40 years when it did. I can't make all her Christmas dreams come true this year, but at least she can play in this bin!

What You Need:

6 Snowflake Gems

4 Ice Cubes (Vase Filler)

3 Iridescent Glitter Snowflakes

8 Glitter Ball Filler

8 Tinsel Pom Poms

4 Snowy Bottle Brush Trees

1 Med. or 2 Small Light Up Christmas Trees

6 Mini Pinecones

1 Snowy Polar Bear (In-Store Only, Hobby Lobby)

1 Swan Queen Ornament

1 Small White Bottle Brush Tree (Bullseye's Playground, Target) or White Glitter Tree Ornament

1 White/Pale Pink Feather Angel, metal stem removed

5 Matte Metallic Bells

1 Snowman Bell (In-Store Only, Hobby Lobby)

1 Holiday Ramekin

1 Clear Scoop

10 Scoops Fake Snow

White Sensory Bin

*Amounts are approximate. Use as much/as little as you'd like!

Word to the Wise

The instant snow is water-based, which means any metal items left in the snow will rust. Always shake off excess snow, and remove items from the bin after play. The snow can remain in the bin for future play and will dehydrate (if left long enough) for reuse!