Valentine's Day Sensory Bin

What better way to show your love than with this sense-ational Valentine's Day bin? D.I.Y. details include instructions on how to dye salt (super easy!) and shopping links.

What You Need

1.5 cups Table Salt

U.S. Supply Liquid Gel Food Coloring Set

4 Heart Candy Containers

1 Set Heart Measuring Spoons

1 Plastic Funnel

15 Red Heart (Matte & Shiny) Seasonal Filler

10 Buttons

10 Gemstones

1 Valentine's Cookie Cutter Set (Ours were from Bullseye's Playground at Target, Seasonal.)

Sensory Bin (Kuggis Box from IKEA)

Optional (not pictured):

Red Glitter Heart Seasonal Filler

Rhinestone Hearts

Pink Glitter Heart Shank Buttons or Light Pink Rhinestone Shank Buttons

*Amounts are approximate. Use as much/as little as you'd like!

How to Dye Salt

You can dye any kind of salt you have on hand for your sensory bin. We used regular table salt for this bin, which looks and feels like colored sand. But we have also used epsom salts. Its crystals are larger, making them look like iridescent sprinkles (see photo below)! Unlike table salt, a little drying time was required.

  1. Measure 1.5 cups of salt into a gallon-sized ziplock bag.

  2. Add 9 drops of your choice of food coloring (we used 5 blue/4 green in the bin above).

  3. Seal the bag well, removing excess air as you do.

  4. Massage the bag until the food coloring is evenly spread through the salt. Separate any clumps that have formed.

  5. No need to dry! Add to your bin and dive in for endless sensory play.