The Nutcracker Play Dough Sensory Kit

Attending the Nutcracker Ballet is a holiday tradition for many this time of year, and we couldn't wait to get dressed up and take our daughter for the first time! I created this play dough sensory kit as a gift for her after the ballet (and for her BFF, Julie's daughter!).

What You Need:


1 Purple/Pink Glitter Mesh Fabric Sheet, cut to 3" x 4.25"

10 Iridescent White Glitter Ball Filler

10 Gold Champagne Glitter Ball Filler

10 Mint Glitter Ball Filler

1 Nutcracker

1 Sugar Plum Fairy (Tiny Treasures by Ashland, Michaels)

1 Mouse King

6 Assorted Candies (My Little Christmas, Hobby Lobby)

2 Lollipops (My Little Christmas, Hobby Lobby)

2 Russian Candy Canes (My Little Christmas, Hobby Lobby)

Assortment of Cake Erasers

1 Dark Green Mini Mug Ornament (Seasonal, Hobby Lobby)

15 Mini Brown Pom Poms

3 Smallest White Tinsel Pom Poms

2 Small Pink Rose Buds

1 Dark Green Small Bottle Brush Tree (Bullseye's Playground, Target)

2 Each Red, Silver, and Gold Mini Foil Wrapped Presents (My Little Christmas, Hobby Lobby)

1-2 Cookie Cutters from Nutcracker Cookie Cutter Set

Glitter Multi-Pack

U.S. Supply Gel Colors or Natural Skin-Safe Food Coloring (will need to use more of each color)

Play Dough Recipe (I made 1 recipe per color. Use 1/2 and wrap the other 1/2 for replacement dough.)

Plastic Wrap

Mini Rolling Pin

The Nutcracker by New York City Ballet or The Nutcracker (Little Golden Book) - fits inside box which is nice!

*Amounts are approximate. Use as much/as little as you'd like!

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