Rudolph Play Dough Sensory Kit

I've been following @mamapapabubba's gorgeous Instagram feed and looking at the various commercial play dough sensory kits that have popped up and finally decided to make my own. It was fun, easy, and totally nostalgic (once I chanced upon figurines from the 1964 Christmas classic we watched EVERY year as kids)! Read on for details and shopping links so your kiddo can play in all the reindeer games too!

What You Need:


1 White Glitter Mesh Fabric Sheet

6 Crystal Gemstones

5 Ice Cubes

10 Stems from Iridescent White Tinsel Wreath (My Little Christmas, Hobby Lobby)

3 Iridescent Glitter Snowflakes

10-15 Each Color Candy Cane Glitter Ball Filler

3 Each Red, Silver, & Gold Mini Foil Wrapped Presents in 2 Sizes (My Little Christmas, Hobby Lobby)

10 Iridescent White Tinsel Pom Poms

1 Snowy Bottle Brush Tree w/Ornaments

4 Mini Snowy Bottle Brush Trees

RTRNR Figures

2 Mini Candy Canes (My Little Christmas, Hobby Lobby)

2 Mini Christmas Cookie Cutters

Christmas Glitter Pack (Note: The large glitter shape does not stick well to dough initially. I've had better success with kneading it into the dough and then topping with fine glitter before wrapping.)

U.S. Supply Gel Colors or Natural Skin-Safe Food Coloring (will need to use more of each color)

Play Dough Recipe (I made 1 recipe per color. Use 1/2 and wrap the other 1/2 for replacement dough.)

Plastic Wrap

Mini Rolling Pin (not pictured