Little Blue Truck: A Chocolate Oobleck Sensory Bin

We LOVE the Little Blue Truck around our house and read it over and over again. I created this sensory bin pair so that my little could act out the story with sensory and imaginative play and work on practical life skills with the wash bin. Both were a huge hit!

If you've never made oobleck, this stuff is truly amazing! We can't stop playing with it. Recipe and details below along with links to the other items in our bin.


1.5 cups Cornstarch

0.5 cup Cocoa Powder

1 cup + 1 tablespoon Water

*Keep ingredients on hand so you can adjust the texture as needed.

Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl (or directly in your bin). Slowly add water, stirring as you go. Add more or less water depending on how oozy you want your mud. If it gets too liquid-y, add a small amount of cornstarch back to mixture. It doesn't take much!

We initially did it pretty gooey. After our morning play, we left it out on the counter. By the afternoon, it was more like play dough when you squished it in your hand, but still gooey enough when it "melted" to resemble mud. Perfect! The next morning it was dried out so I added a little water to reconstitute it. The video below was taken after it was reconstituted.

Little Blue Truck Bin Materials:

Little Blue Truck board book

Blue Truck

Construction Vehicles

Fall Trees

Safari Ltd. Farm Toob (also available at Michaels)

Safair Ltd. In the Woods Toob (just frog) or Squishy Frog

Black River Stones or Dried Black Beans

Adapt this bin for Spring using green trees and the