Invitation to Create: A Play Dough Garden

We couldn’t be more excited that Spring is right around the corner! This Invitation to Create flower tray is perfect for getting your little excited too. It's also perfect for teaching the parts of a plant and exercising fine motor muscles through sensory play. Kiddos will spend hours making flowers using the cookie cutters, pipe cleaners, ribbon, gemstones, buttons, crinkle paper and more. What's especially great about a play dough invitation tray is that it's easy to prepare and you can use any craft items you have lying around the house!


Scented Play Dough: We used homemade dough from Kaia Bear Creations.

Tinkering Items:

- Green foam cut into sticks

- Green pipe cleaners

- Green and Brown ribbon pieces

- Gemstones of various shapes, colors and sizes

- Buttons of various shapes, colors and sizes

- Brown crinkle paper

- Cookie Cutters (regular + plunger)

- Pom poms

Sectioned Tray

Love this idea but don't have the time or energy to gather all the materials on your own? Grab one of our "From Seed to Flower" busy bags for a ready-to-go Invitation to Create! Our bags include everything except the tray, plus four more plant-themed activities to develop important early childhood skills: STEAM, cognitive learning, early literacy, and fine motor skills.