How We Pack and Store Our Busy Bags

Now that you've created a busy bag or three, you need to pack it and store it. How you do this is a personal decision based on what works best for your family. Here's how we do it at busy bébés.

Pack It

We personally love this deluxe travel bag (no longer sold in our shop, but available at Target in multiple colors), and both Julie and I use it regularly. It's got two big mesh zipper pockets that can be used in a variety of ways, plus a center zip pouch to store snacks, wipes, or anything else you might need!

I keep my daughter's busy bag on a shelf next to the garage door, so it's always ready to grab and go. A busy bag goes on one side and baby bibs, baby spoons, a toddler silverware set, wipes, and a wet bag goes on the other side (Yes! That all fits!). The center is stuffed full of snacks for all three kids.

Julie keeps two busy bags in her travel bag with snacks, silverware, and wipes in the center pouch. She keeps one bag in her car and a second bag in an ottoman in her living room. The lady is ALWAYS prepared!

Store It

Our daughters are subscribed to monthly busy bags (obviously!), and have amassed quite the collection!

Julie keeps her busy bags stored on a high shelf in her playroom. That way she can easily grab a new bag when M is ready, but multiple bag contents don't end up all over the place!

I need easy access to busy bags while at home with all three kiddos, so I moved ours to the lowest shelf in our upstairs playroom closet (which has a child safety lock). This allows S to go in and trade out her bags when she's ready but keeps the boys out. She also has 2-3 in a cabinet downstairs so that she always has access to one!

Got Questions?

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