Frozen 2 Play Dough Sensory Kit

What, your kid isn't FROZEN 2-obsessed?! I have nothing more to say. Except, HELP! It's FROZEN all day, every day at our house. I created this play dough kit for a little relief through independent play.

S loves acting out her favorite stories and assigning anyone and everyone a role and lines to play. I love that using the FROZEN 2 action figures incorporates storytelling into her sensory and imaginative play. In addition to the characters, I tried to include as many elements of the story as possible for her to recreate. I won't spoil it for those of you who haven't seen it yet, but spirits of the 4 elements (Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth) play a big role. I did my best to incorporate each of these in a variety of textures for S to explore as she constructs her story.

What You Need:


1 Gold Glitter Mesh Fabric Sheet

4 Scene-O-Rama Fall Trees

9-Pack of Frozen 2 Action Figures (I used Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven, & Kristoph. I saved the other 4 figures to pull out later in pairs/individually for surprise play once the box loses its initial excitement.)


5 Fall Leaves

3 Wood Rounds

5 Mini Pinecones

5 Acrylic Fall Leaves (seasonal filler from Hobby Lobby)

Water (and Ice for Elsa, of course!)

8 Acrylic Diamond Gemstones- light & dark blue

5 Light Blue River Stones

5 Snowflake Gemstones (seasonal filler from Hobby Lobby)

2 Fuzzy Snowflakes (seasonal mini ornament pack from Hobby Lobby)


15 Bright Blue Glitter Ball Fillers (not pictured)

4 Purple Small Acrylic Diamond Gemstones

Fire & Earth

15 Acrylic Diamond Gemstones - fuschia, red, orange