Free the Arctic Animals

We were so excited to include a mini version of this "Free the Arctic Animals" STEM activity in this month's busy bag. Kiddos will LOVE rescuing the @safariltd polar animals as they experiment with warm water, a mini chisel, a pipette, and salt! Which tool works best?!⁠

Directions: Place 1-3 animals in your silicone cup. Have an adult fill it with water, and place it in the freezer until frozen solid. Once frozen, pop your iceberg out of the cup and into a cake pan, onto a sheet pan, or onto the included plate. Gather your tools: a cup of warm water & pipette, a few salt packets, and your "ice hammer". Try using each one on your iceberg to see which helps you free the animals the fastest! Did one work better than the others? Why do you think so?

Extension: Print the Arctic Animal cards below and match your animals to their photographs and names. Turn it into a memory game by flipping over the cards and trying to match the photograph to the animal name.

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