First Day of School Survival Tips

Sending our littles back to school (or for the very first time) is a bitter-sweet feeling. As teachers and mamas, we can relate in more ways than one! Here are our top ten tips for surviving that {very} first day.

1. If your little's bedtime has crept later with the longer days of Summer, start transitioning to an earlier bedtime at least one week before the first day.

2. Get your kiddo to bed early the night before the big day! She'll likely be nervous/excited and have a hard time getting to sleep. Be prepared to spend a little extra time with her at bedtime.

3. This is a good time to get a temperature check on how your little is feeling about the big day. Explain what the day will be like from when she gets to school until the bell rings at the end of the day.

4. Get everything ready the night before. Clothes. Backpack. School supplies. Lunch box. Water bottle. Let your little help! It will get him excited and help calm jitters if he feels prepared.

5. Is your little taking the bus? Make sure she knows where it picks up in the morning and lets off in the afternoon and which bus to take (this is a big one!). If you don't know, you can look up the routes on your school's website and/or call the school to ask.

6. Brainstorm ideas with your little so that he knows what to do if he starts feeling nervous or uncomfortable.

7. Give her tips on how to introduce herself to a new friend, and what to do if she sees someone who looks lonely or is playing by herself.

8. Start a first-day-of-school tradition to give your child something to look forward to either before school or after school (ex. get ice cream to talk about the day).

9. Leave a sweet note for your little in his lunchbox or backpack.

10. Just breathe, Mama. You're going to be okay. Your little one is going to be okay. It's going to be a great first day!


Free Printable : : First Day of School Sign

When is your little's first day back? Kick off the school year with this adorable, first day of school sign.  

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