Falling for Autumn Sensory Bin

For most of the country, Fall is in full swing. In Austin, the weather is still trying to make up its mind (but the leaves on a few trees are changing colors at least). Read on to find out what you need to make your own Fall sensory bin so that your little one can enjoy the season indoors (especially on those yucky cold and rainy days)!

What You Need:

2 lb. lentils

2 large pinecones

1 large acorn

5 mini pinecones

5 mini pumpkins

6-8 plastic leaves

4 Small Metallic Acorns and/or 4 Textured Acorns

7 Wooden Mini Leaves

3 Cinnamon Sticks

1 String of Light Up Leaves

2 Velvet pumpkins

1 Mini basket

1 Spice Jar

1 Yellow Pinching Bowl

1 Mini ladle

1 Mini Tongs or 1 Mini Salad Tongs (we also used orange alligator tweezers and extra large tweezers in our sensory station for events)