Easter Sensory Bin

We're all sold out of our sensory bin kits, but as promised, we're here to help you create your own! Julie made this Easter sensory bin for M last year and really went to town (I had to leave out 1/3 of the items to photo it!). It turned out adorably of course, and the girls can't resist it. Even the little dudes lit up like Christmas and charged it at first sight!


Bunny Tongs

Fillable Carrot or Fillable Carrot

Fillable Chicks

Mini Easter Baskets

Lime Green Easter Grass or 4 Color Easter Grass

Small Speckled Eggs in Nests

Yellow Feather Chick with Crown

Gold and Green Coins

Bubbles in Carrot Bottle (This could be a fun surprise!)

Light Up Spike Chick or Light Up Chick

Glitter Eggs

Mini Ducks

Small Wind Up Hopper Bunnies

Assorted Chenille Chicks or Chenille Easter Chicks

Easter Finger Puppet

Easter Berry Basket

IKEA Kuggis Bin

**Since Julie created this bin last year, the materials list is not exact. I included a few extra items/substitutions.**


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