Best Busy Bags for Restaurants

We create our busy bags for convenient on-the-go play ANYWHERE, but we have noticed some work better in some situations than others. Here's our list of the criteria we think is most important and our favorite bags to take along when going out to eat.


  1. Doesn't take up a lot of space.

  2. Full of quiet activities

  3. Cleans up quickly

Artsy is perfect for restaurants. The activities are all easily done on a flat table-top, and there aren't too many small pieces to get lost under the table.

Just for Fun is a hit at restaurants. The whole family can get into building with the cogs, and the kaleidoscope works great with the light on a patio. Zipper bracelets keep fidgeters busy if you have to stand in line.

Robot Rally is a custom-made Transformers-inspired busy bag that we loved so much we created a few extras. Like JFF, it includes cogs for family fun, a memory game of your favorite Transformers characters, a Turbo Charger that changes from car to character, a Transformers squishy, and Transformers-inspired foam puzzle ornaments all guaranteed to keep your bot-loving toddler or preschooler busy, busy until dinner is served. The sweet story about friendship between two very different characters will warm your heart.